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Why are you not following Rosie Holt on twitter? What is wrong with you? She regularly puts out sketches as her far right alter ego The Woman (and other characters – she is an ACTOR after all) and also just tweets funny stuff. SORT IT OUT


Rosie acts! She really does. She trained at LAMDA. Most recently ( before that COVID thing happened ) she starred with Brendan Murphy in The Crown Dual which got 4 STARS from The Guardian ( and the Daily Mail – shh)

CV here:

About Rosie

As a comic she was a finalist in the Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year, Bath New Act and Amused Moose New Comic stand up competitions. She won the So You Think You Write Funny? competition and has written and performed in her own shows at the Edinburgh Fringe including Fall Girl, and Mansplaining Feminism with the comic Christian Talbot. As an actor she most recently starred in the two hander The Crown Dual; a parody of Netflix’s The Crown at Wilton’s Music Hall, London & The Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh and before the pandemic hit was about to take it to America. In the past year she has put out several viral videos on twitter most often as her character; The Woman; a pearl clutching, right wing Boris-loving lady with a lot of opinions she can’t wait to share. Rosie trained at LAMDA.

“Holt is charismatic, flirty, confident and silly. Offering great characterisation and an occasionally boisterous energy”


The Crown Dual


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