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I just returned from Edinburgh with latest show Holt & Talbot Can’t Stand the Sight of EachOther – a sketch and standup show with Comedian Christian Talbot. We will be playing it again as part of the Funny Things Festival in Wolverhampton on 31st October. Details Here


I went on the Lolitics Podcast and told jokes regarding my affectionate disdain for politician Liz Truss. Click here to listen to the podcast



Rosie has been starring in the award-winning web series Mina Murray’s Journal, a #vladadaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Go on! Give it a watch here!

Reviews for Mina Murray’s Journal:

“irresistibly likeable cast” SFX ★★★★

“Rosie Holt…is a bubbly and engaging lead” Starburst 8/10 Read the full review here

“Sweet and Witty” Kim Newman Read the full review here

11 Scary Things To Watch On YouTube Right now – Den of Geek





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