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Tickets for my latest Edinburgh show with comedian Christian Talbot are now on sale! We are doing a mix of stand up, sketches and even a bit of music. Buy Tickets here!


Recently I went on the Lolitics Podcast and told jokes regarding my affectionate disdain for politician Liz Truss. Click here to listen to the podcast



Rosie has been starring in the award-winning web series Mina Murray’s Journal, a #vladadaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Go on! Give it a watch here!

Reviews for Mina Murray’s Journal:

“irresistibly likeable cast” SFX ★★★★

“Rosie Holt…is a bubbly and engaging lead” Starburst 8/10 Read the full review here

“Sweet and Witty” Kim Newman Read the full review here

11 Scary Things To Watch On YouTube Right now – Den of Geek


Rosie also recently took her 30 minute show, Drop It Like It’s Holt to the Camden Fringe and to The Edinburgh Festival. From her misleadingly patchy Sex Ed classes at school to fantastical imaginings on a life-threatening scenario as an office PA; Rosie buoyantly accompanied the audience on a bizarre journey she has no map for.

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