Click here to watch the Fall Girl comedy music video! Comedy music video for Fall Girl. A comedy musical about getting scammed and getting gumption. Hayley is desperate. She keeps getting scammed. Plus the voice in her head is a girl with a guitar who turns her failings into rhyming couplets. for more information onContinue reading “FALL GIRL MUSICAL TRAILER”

Should Have Stayed in Bed (Safe from the Monkeys) – A COMEDY VIDEO

Hayley is having a very bad day. No job, no stable relationship and no confidence she has a habit of getting into some fairly sticky situations. She shouldn’t have bothered really. She should have stayed in bed. Should have Stayed in Bed… is a collaboration between Rosie Holt and Clayton ‘jack-of-all-trades’ Wright ( http://mrclaytonwright.com/ ) Starring RosieContinue reading “Should Have Stayed in Bed (Safe from the Monkeys) – A COMEDY VIDEO”