Get Rosie A Valentine’s Date! – A COMEDY VLOG

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and I’m still single. Luckily I work best under a deadline…

I’ll Play Hard to Get… If it’s easy – A SONG

Play it cool, don’t let on you like them yadayada. Such good advice, so hard to follow…


Fall Girl

Click here to watch the Fall Girl comedy music video!

Comedy music video for Fall Girl.

A comedy musical about getting scammed and getting gumption.

Hayley is desperate. She keeps getting scammed. Plus the voice in her head is a girl with a guitar who turns her failings into rhyming couplets.

for more information on the show go to

Should Have Stayed in Bed (Safe from the Monkeys) – A COMEDY VIDEO

Hayley is having a very bad day. No job, no stable relationship and no confidence she has a habit of getting into some fairly sticky situations. She shouldn’t have bothered really. She should have stayed in bed.

Should have Stayed in Bed… is a collaboration between Rosie Holt and Clayton ‘jack-of-all-trades’ Wright ( )

Starring Rosie Holt, James Corely, Daniela Finley and Ben Dilloway. Directed and produced by Clayton Wright. Written by Rosie Holt. Filmed by Ben Walden who also edited it along with Clayton Wright.

It is one of many adventures penned by Rosie Holt featuring Hayley and her ability to get into all sorts of impressively imaginative messes.