How to Tell If He’s Your Boyfriend Yet – A COMEDY SKETCH WITH DANIELA FINLEY

Dee and Roo regard themselves as dating experts. In their first episode they do a live demonstration on ‘How to tell if he’s your boyfriend yet’ with the unsuspecting guy Roo has been seeing. It doesn’t quite go to plan…


LANA DEL RAY’s Born To Die – Lyrics reimagined as if she was singing about her love for Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not too much of a stretch as all her songs are about submissive women to troubled men… Feet don’t fail me now Take me to the finish line You are chasing meContinue reading “LANA DE-CAY- LYRICS REBOOT”

The Lady and her Lizard Lover – A SHORT STORY

For a short and surprising period in my life I was dating this lizard. He was called Trevor. Talk about having ones belly ripped open. Bloody carnivorous reptiles. I should have known better – it was scary dating him. His scaly skin and forked tongue took a bit of getting used to. And everyone knowsContinue reading “The Lady and her Lizard Lover – A SHORT STORY”

Should Have Stayed in Bed (Safe from the Monkeys) – A COMEDY VIDEO

Hayley is having a very bad day. No job, no stable relationship and no confidence she has a habit of getting into some fairly sticky situations. She shouldn’t have bothered really. She should have stayed in bed. Should have Stayed in Bed… is a collaboration between Rosie Holt and Clayton ‘jack-of-all-trades’ Wright ( ) Starring RosieContinue reading “Should Have Stayed in Bed (Safe from the Monkeys) – A COMEDY VIDEO”