Get Rosie a Job! – A COMEDY VLOG

The problem with being an actor / comedian / writer is when you finish a job you have to wait for the next one to trot along. And while you wait your bank balance dwindles into nothing unless you get a temporary job in the meantime. I have had many jobs; I have worked atContinue reading “Get Rosie a Job! – A COMEDY VLOG”

Gradulthood – A SITCOM PILOT

Here is a sitcom pilot I am in written and directed by Will Hall – Smith. I play Emily. Gradulthood is the new sitcom from writer/director Will Hall-Smith. The series follows a group of unemployed university graduates as they struggle to find work in London. Unlike most people in their position, Tom, Owen, Emily andContinue reading “Gradulthood – A SITCOM PILOT”

An Actor Abroad (an entry from a journal of a very eccentric acting tour.)

We rattle along the roads; our merry band of actors. Set, costumes and personal luggage all sandwiched together, all creaking and wobbling dangerously, with the director at the helm. We eat the food we stole from a hotel breakfast buffet that morning and hold out for fake promises of toilet stops. The only toilet stopContinue reading “An Actor Abroad (an entry from a journal of a very eccentric acting tour.)”